The introduction below is primarily for Dealers of solar panel installations who intend purchasing high quality products at competitive prices from manufacturers who has been in the business for 12 years. 

If you are not a Dealer but wishing to acquire a solar panel installation for residential or commercial use,our well established Dealer network can recommend a cost effective solution. Pease don’t hesitate to contact us. With our technical expertise,we will be pleased to discuss and recommend a system which will fully satisfy your electrical power requirements. 

Blue Whale Solar Power is a technology-oriented enterprise specializing in off-grid power solutions,well suited for remote areas or for clients requiring solar power to supplement the grid power. Our products include solar inverters,hybrid solar inverters ,MPPT solar charge controllers,solar pump inverters,power inverters and UPS.
Relying on the existing network technology,BWSP perfectly combines solar products and the Internet.
Using a Smart phone or a computer with a dedicated App,remotely monitoring the performance and status of a solar panel installation is entirely possible. Our system software is capable of detecting potential problems before it becomes a major issue. As such system down time is minimized and reliability greatly enhanced. 
Thanks to our OEM/ODM services,our established products are well  known for their good quality and reliability and have been sold to more than 50 countries around the world  including America,Germany,Australia,South Africa,UAE,Pakistan ,Turkey and Vietnam etc.
BWSP’s mission is to provide solar power solutions with maximum system reliability and very competitive pricing. 
If you are a Dealer,we will happy to help you expand your business using our quality solar system components. 
Looking forward to hearing from you and you can be assured of our quick response. 
The BWSP Team.